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Follow these suggestions & make a fine cup of coffee at your home.


– Aeropress
– Timer
– Scales
– Grinder (Preferably Porlex)
– 15,3g of ground coffee (as coarse as flaky sea salt but not too coarse:) )
– 250 ml Hot water (Preferably 92 Celsius)


1) Dampen the filter to wash off any paper flavor and get the aeropress ready.

2) Grind the coffee and pour it into the aeropress.

3) Boil the water and start slowly pouring in on the coffee (start the timer as soon as water touches the coffee.)

4) When you have poured all the required water on the coffee (Which should take exactly 30s) Leave it be for another 30s.

5) Now stir slowly a couple of times around.

6) Now the timer should be showing 1:30, close the aeropress and start gently pressing.

7) All coffee should be in the cup by 2:30 LATEST

8) Enjoy 

  • aisha ahmed
    Posted at 07:03h, 20 February Reply

    I really like it

    • Vagabond
      Posted at 10:58h, 20 February Reply

      We should do one with you, what do you think? 😇🙌

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