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London speciality coffee


– A person without a permanent home who moves from place to place; nomadic

– Leading an unsettled or carefree life

– A wanderer; a rover



– A vagabond ‘tribe’


Origin: Derived from the Latin vagabundus, from vagari; meaning ‘to wander’


The word means different things to different people because a vagabond refuses to be defined. After leaving Lithuania for London, we took our very own first ‘vagabundus’ footsteps along the coffee road which started from a simple idea – to create a place called home.


And at Vagabond, our home is coffee made with love and passion.


In late 2011, we built our first back-to-basics coffee shop, Vagabond N4, from reclaimed wood and discarded materials with our bare (and often blistered) hands. Our fridge came from the street. The lighting was discovered in landfill. The painstakingly constructed coffee bar, handmade tables and chairs once propped up buildings as scaffolding in a previous life.

It is from these humble beginnings that the seeds of an independently-minded coffee community took root in the soils of Stroud Green, North London. Since those early days, our vibrant coffee family started to grow and has been flourishing ever since.


Vagabond N7 was our next project in having a go at creating something different. Nestled amongst the second-hand and haberdashery shops on Holloway Road, we opened our doors to the coffee-loving public of Highbury and Islington in 2013.


Restless in our tireless pursuit to challenge and be challenged, we change our speciality coffee and delicious delicatessen menu weekly – and with the changing seasons.


Like the ripening red cherry on the mother Arabica tree, our journey into coffee is only at the start of our collective adventure. We live and breathe the spirit of the nomadic soul; always searching but never truly settling. This is our guiding star in seeking out new sensory horizons and experiences for our customers. We honestly couldn’t tell you our final destination because that isn’t the point. What we do know is that we’re very excited about the journey, and we would love you to joins us on the way…



Our home is your home. Together we make it Vagabond.

Speciality coffee cupping