Vagabond | Exhibition by Nene Dalla Rosa
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Exhibition by Nene Dalla Rosa

Nene Dalla Rosa was born in Asolo, Italy, January 22nd, 1989.
She graduated MA History of Art at “Birkbeck University of Arts”.
She moved from Italy to London at the age 19 and starts collaborating as a set designer in numerous short movies and theatre sets.
She expanded her knowledge in photography by assisting a photographer and by being herself part of few minor photography projects.
This experiences made her develop a distinguished creativity and a unique vision of beauty.

In 2013, fascinated by the concept of body art, she undertakes a career as a tattoo artist.
Nene never lets go of her love for art and keep developing her research of a personal aesthetics in pictorial and photography.
Having worked side by side with a well-known contemporary artist, she has also developed an interest in etching and printing.
Instagram – @nenedallarosa
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