Vagabond | Photography exhibition by Dan Elliott
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Photography exhibition by Dan Elliott

‘I’m a London based photographer from the suburbs originally, but moved more central 4 years ago.

I’ve always had an interest in photography from a young age, mainly just messing around with a camera and taking holiday shots.

My Father and his Uncle were also very keen photographers and inspired me to buy my own Nikon D5100 a few years ago. Since then I haven’t looked back! My main style of photography is “Street Photography”. Capturing those moments that will never be repeated again, the different areas and cultures always gives me something to work with. Nature also takes an important role within street photography, creating light from the sun, reflections from the rain. The different styles of architecture within London also provide interesting subject matter. I try not to keep to one style of photography, as there is so much to work with. The excitement of never knowing when the next shot will come from will keep me passionate about photography for ┬ámany years to come.”



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